Pursuing An Online PhD In Education – Is It Feasible? – Research Education

There’s no end to education so it’s not unusual for people to further their studies even when they are very well into their career. Pursuing a full time course could be a problem for people in the academic field like teachers. Their schedule is always full with seminars to attend, workshops to be held, examination and correction work etc. Besides, an online PhD in education will take some time to complete and getting a leave sanctioned to attend regular classes could prove to be impossible. The Internet has opened out an entirely new line of academics, in fact bringing classrooms closer.First and foremost, it takes only seconds to find out whether one is eligible or not for the PHD in education. An online application can be filled in and all other required documents mailed to the specified address. All guidance essential for the course is provided by experts in the field. A person who wants to further his career in the academic field had best go for a PhD in Education. This will only enhance their teaching ability having learnt the latest trends and practices in imparting learning. So many PhD’s have brought out books based on their research.All the course material will be available online from a particular site and you can download it as and when required. Lectures are available through videos which again can be downloaded. You get a unique opportunity to be coached by the best in the academic field from all over the world. The requirements of the course such as assignments to be submitted, projects to be undertaken etc are the same as the regular course and the same amount of pressure is put on the candidate for their timely submittal.Some of the subjects usually dealt with in online PhD in education programs are

school safety and health issues,
the planning and implementation of educational activities
Social foundations of education
Theory and practice of learning and teaching.Career options for those who attain an online PhD in education are promising. There are various alternatives like- academic researcher, educational consultant, high posts in various non profit making organizations etc.A major advantage with an online PhD program is that you are not time bound. All timetables are set by you. You also get a chance to interact with people pursuing the same degree. They can share their views and speak out on various issues and not having a class room ambience does not present itself as a handicap. All reports and presentations can be submitted online. All what is required is a computer and a net connection and with this you can study or work form any corner in the world. Teachers can make use of all their free time in between classes to catch up on their studies.The crucial thing here is to make sure that you’ve enlisted for your online PhD in education program with an accredited college or university. You can even opt for a foreign university to pursue your program.