Wealthy Affiliate University – Education That Really Works | university education

Every parent dreams that their child will sail through high school, be offered countless scholarships to the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country and then land a lucrative and rewarding career.
Okay, how often does any of that really happen? Take a look around and you will see the shattered dreams of thousands of parents as their baby fails out of high school, can’t cut it in college or worse, gets his degree and then cannot get a job that utilizes the skills that just cost thousands of dollars.
Who knew ancient Greek culture would not land you a job? Now is the time to find the right combination of knowledge and skills to make way for a new career that not only works, but is actually lucrative as well.
The way that the world does business is changing, there is no doubt at all about that. Some of the fastest growing businesses in the world are on the Internet, in fact brick and mortar businesses are failing at an alarming rate while new online based businesses are growing in leaps and bounds.
Traditional college and university educations have not caught onto the notion and still teach classes designed to hopefully get the student ready for a job that will likely be gone by the end of the education.
Wealthy Affiliate University gives you the training and tools for a career that is not only ready for the future now, but is adaptable to changes as they come along.
Once you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate University, your training can begin. You will learn how to stop living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with bosses that do not understand you.
You will not need any huge training and it will not take four or six years to start earning the big money you would like to have. If you sign up and follow the training program to the letter, you could be seeing earnings that top out above and beyond your wildest dreams.
The entire process is just the beginning however. When you sign up for a state university or college, you put in your work and you earn a grade. The professors do not care if you are struggling- you may ask for help, but it will not guarantee that you get it.
After you graduate, you are given your diploma, a handshake and off you go into the cold world all alone. With Wealthy Affiliate’s training, you not only get support the entire time, you are not shoved out into the world on your own when you complete the program.
You are offered one on one coaching for each and every single step of the way. If you feel you are being overwhelmed, you can contact your mentor and get yourself back on track.
The cost of a college or university education can easily reach $100,000 depending on the major. The cost of Wealthy Affiliate University is less than $400 per year.
Once you compare the cost of the training and what you can realistically hope to be earning when you are done against the cost of college and what you might manage to earn and the choice will be abundantly clear.